Energy Storage – Matching the supply and demand in future

On behalf of the Storage Implementing Agreement ECES, we are pleased to inform you of our second ECES Workshop, which took place from July, 14th until 16th 2010 in Germany.
Last year we had a very successful initial meeting with representatives from Implementing Agreements, EUWP, REWP and CERT.
This year we were able to continue the process of coordinating further research activities on energy storage within the IEA. During the second workshop different views on energy storage – their potential as well as their limits – were discussed. Also key issues and suitable ways of collaboration were outlined.

The following workshop documents are now available:

- Invitation - 31 kB
- Agenda - 168 kB
- Summary - 187 kB
- Background document - 316 kB


If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact Andreas Hauer as ECES-Secretary or Astrid Wille as ECES-chair.

Andreas Hauer

Astrid Wille